Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury 2022-2023 Final Report


The members of this Jury wrote a letter to the community, “The Call for a Sustainable and Diverse Civil Grand Jury” about the importance of achieving a diverse pool of jury applicants.

Additionally, the Grand Jury reported on its investigations titled:

  • City of Sonoma CemeteriesDon’t Bury the Problem. This report describes the inefficiencies and omissions in the financial practices of the City owned cemeteries.
  • Outsourcing Petaluma Planning DepartmentIs it Better or Is it Easier. This report examines the history of outsourcing planning functions by the City of Petaluma.
  • Warming CentersCounty Action Needed Now. This report discusses Sonoma County’s lack of comprehensive policy for providing warming shelters for the unhoused population during severe cold spells.
  • Responses to the 2021-2022 Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury ReportsProviding Continuity and Accountability. This report describes those local government entities or officials who did not meet penal code requirements when responding to the 2021-2022 Grand Jury Report.

In addition to the full reports, requests for investigative review forms, juror applications, and other information can be found on the Grand Jury’s website at: .