Voices of the Palms Inn

For Immediate Release:

Voices of the Palms Inn is a report of the testimony of current and former residents of Santa Rosa’s Palms Inn, a former motel converted into permanent supportive housing in 2016 for veterans and unsheltered residents.  Individuals have come forward to report issues with living conditions, health and safety concerns, case management, eviction, intimidation, and reported civil rights violations,  as well as the circumstances surrounding the deaths of multiple residents over the years.

With the murder of Palms Inn resident Will Woodard on December 13th, a group of individuals came forward, requesting anonymity, to share their lived experience in the hopes that their voices will be heard.  Many of the individuals expressed fear of retaliation or eviction for speaking out, but felt compelled to provide reports in the wake of the tragedy.  Ka’Lane Raposa, former Palms Inn resident and independent homelessness advocate, has also submitted a formal statement which provides an overview of the timeline of his experience and attempts to address the issues.

A coalition of community organizations contributed to the interview process, including the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights, Santa Rosa-Sonoma County NAACP, Sonoma County Acts of Kindness, Centro del Poder-Center for People’s Power, and Love and Light.  The coalition’s intent was to collect individual testimonies as reported, and with their permission, provide public transparency so that our elected and homelessness officials can take tangible steps to address these reported conditions.

The coalition will hold a public rally on Monday, March 13th at 10am at Prince Gateway Park, with a march to the Palms Inn where speakers will share their experiences.  A list of demands includes the formation of an independent investigation and oversight body to provide governance, address evictions, and insure proper case management, safety and secure housing for Palms Inn residents.

Please find the link to the Press Kit here:   Voice of the Palms Inn Press Kit