The work of the NAACP is done by Standing Committees and not in the General Membership meeting. Only in rare instances when the President and/or Executive Committee has determined that a matter is time sensitive and pressing should any discussion be allowed to take place during a  General Membership meeting.

Committees help plan, implement, and elevate every unit’s work to end race-based discrimination. To document activities and inform the rest of the unit, committee leadership submit an overview of their conclusions drawn, motions, and resolutions or recommendations for action.

To participate on any committee, one must be a “member in good standing”/ hold an active membership.

The current committees of the Branch are: 

  • Armed Services & Veteran Affairs, Romus Reece, Chair
  • Criminal Justice, Zayrah Garcia, Chair
  • Education,  Laurel Green & Ashley Simon Alvarez, Co-Chairs
  • Environmental Justice, Kirstyne Lange, Chair
  • Health – Darnell Bowen & Lindsay Franco, Co-Chairs
  • Housing – Dmitra Smith, Chair
  • Youth Works, Shawntel Reece & Robert Reece, Co-Chairs 
  • Membership, Danielle Garduno, Chair
  • WIN Committee, tba